Hello! My name is Angie Annett and I am a 3D modeler, motion designer, and eternal learner of everything and anything creative . My love of animation, video games, computers, and storytelling led me down this path at a young age. Cartoons were my life, and I can still remember watching TV shows such as “Tale Spin” and “Hey Arnold” and loving the characters and storylines. As I got older, this love for animation only grew when I started watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Futurama”. During high school, I was editor of my yearbook and helped to create graduation videos for my school district. I strived to make every last detail perfect and tell a compelling story. After a while, something occurred to me. Seeing people’s reactions to my work brought me pure happiness. Seeing people laugh, smile, or even cry meant that I did my job well, and I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that I could continue to make people experience emotions through art.

My dream is to work in the industry creating movies, cartoons, video games, or theme park attractions that will go on to outlive me. In my free time, I love dabbling in other artistic fields to expand my creativity including painting, sculpting, and model making.

If you are looking for a passionate artist who is hard-working and dedicated to every project put in front of her, please contact me!